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About Dookma.com

Dookma.com is an adventure tour and activities booking portal that is based in Nepal and which operating all over Asia.

Since inception, Dookma has always worked with an emphasis on delivering nothing short of the best kind of service to her customers. We understand the fact that customers deserve proper value for their money, and this understanding has helped us shape our services properly. We have a target market majorly in South Asia, with countries including Pakistan, Tibet, Bhutan, India and the UAE.

At Dookma.com, we do our best to ensure that we bring awesome adventures and holiday activities to our customers. We have proper connections in a wide array of countries and vacation hotspots around the world, and we make sure that our customers who will like to travel the world will find no better service than with us.

From booking flights to helping with planning itineraries and working out holiday plans, you can rest assured that Dookma has your back. Our corporate and effective pricing structure will help ensure that you are able to vacation for a much cheaper price than you thought, and we will also help you to make awesome savings on aspects of your trip such as accommodation flights and much more.

At Dookma.com, we can ensure effective service delivery through ay of the following means:

  • Providing tours that will be anchored by qualified and lensed tour guides, operators and organizers, taking unbiased and professional reviews into consideration as well
  • Ensuring that every tour or visit that you make is backed by our best price guarantee
  • Ensuring that you are kept safe and as comfortable as possible as you make your journey around the world. We will ensure that credit card fees and other associated expenses are covered, and we will work out all of the details while you and your loved ones enjoy your trip
  • Ensuring that you are connected with a qualified local travel expert, regardless of where in the world you are. This way, you will have a point person when you touch down at your destination and you won’t have to feel lost at any point in time.

With us, you can rest assured of the following:

We’ll take care of all the red tape and official matters. Essentially, all you need to do is make your payment and let us know what your preferences are. We will take it from there.

Traveling the world in style and class doesn’t have to cause much of a strain on your pocket. With us you’ll get to enjoy the best that the world has to offer, even while you stay on a budget.

Dookma.com is dedicate to ensuring the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency. You won’t get nothing but the best from us.