Upper Dolpo Trek

Dolpo locale is located between the Tibetan level and the Dhaulagiri ranges. The whole area was closed to trekkers until 1989 when the southern part of Dolpo was opened to organized trekking gatherings. Our trekking experience starts with a journey through UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu.
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Join along with us for a rare trek to this astounding locale. The guest to this area will be defied with entrancing perspectives of the tremendous mountain pinnacles of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Kanjirowa mountain ranges. Correspondingly, the trek travels by means of various Himalayan passes where you can enjoy the excellence of Phoksundo Lake, the most profound lake in Nepal. You may likewise get the opportunity to see delightful and uncommon creatures like the snow panther.

This region will clearly inspire you as it has such huge numbers of others. To a few, the region may as of now be commonplace: the Oscar-named motion picture, The Caravan, was taped in the Dolpo district, and the books "The Snow Leopard" by Peter Matthiessen and "Himalayan Pilgrimage" by David Snellgrove additionally contributed a great deal to open the Dolpo to the external world.

In spite of the fact that this trek can be physically testing, the locale is no exactly a Himalayan paradise.

Activities that can be done in Upper Dolpa Trek

  • Adventurous outdoors trek to the remote trans Himalayan area of Nepal.
  • Wonderful perspective of Kanjirowa Himal, precious stone Mountain and some more.
  • Visit antiquated religious communities of the Dolpo region.
  • Explore remote regions of the western area.
  • Watch Unique Tibetan Buddhist culture
  • Find the wild west of Nepal Himalaya.
  • Visit UNESCO world social legacy destinations of Kathmandu Valley.
  • Crossing Kang La (5350m) and Jyagla pass
  • Explore the mesmerizing Phoksundo Lake (Deepest lake of Nepal).

Why yo should do Upper Dolpa Trek

Its various territory and rich culture make Dolpo a perfect and fascinating area to spend the rainstorm. Covered in the incomparable Himalayas, it's what we call a 'rain shadow' territory (where the land encounters practically zero rain). While the rain can be exceptionally valuable for ranchers in the lower locales, conveying a twist to their horticulture, it isn't the equivalent higher up. On the off chance that in fact, it begins to rain, you can look forward to clear blue skies and the smell of the fresh outside before its finish. The recommended months to visit would be among June and August; during this time, there are fewer odds of getting elevation sickness, as the temperature is warmer. The low settlement rates make it simpler to discover a place to remain on the off chance that you are trekking, or essentially simply unwinding. You may ask yourself, 'why to go to a rain-shadowed territory?' Well, the appropriate response is basic, to circumvent being cooped up inside, while the rain falls in torrents around you. There are burdens to do in Dolpo, thus a lot to see, one of the activities being trekking. It has turned into an undeniably well known take a break for the individuals who wish to experience things from a more extensive and alternate point of view.