Best time for Trekking in Nepal

Nepal is a year-round perfect travel destination for the tourists, trekkers, individuals and families. With stunning mountain scenery, rich culture, and friendly people you should experience Nepal at least once in your lifetime. Nepal is truly a special place to visit.

But, one of the common questions to be asked - when is the best time to travel to Nepal?

Well, that’s a bit of a difficult question to answer as there’s no "best time to travel in Nepal". It depends on the kind of experience you’re looking for.

Each season has its perks depending on what you want to see, do and experiences!

Nepal has a diverse geography and climatic variations. Nepal’s climate ranges from the tropical to the arctic.

The guidelines below will help you see the best time to travel to Nepal season by season.

Spring Season (March-May)

The spring extends from March through to May. After the autumn season, spring is a second great time to visit Nepal. It is a time when the new flowers and leaves start to appear.

During the spring season, most of the trails are full of blooming rhododendrons and other wildflowers. The weather is also excellent with clear blue skies. You can enjoy the remarkable landscape with Himalayan Vista.

This season is best for trekking in high altitude. The temperature is perfect during this season. It is mildly warm at a lower elevation and moderates at a higher elevation over 4,000m. However, morning and nights can be a little cold compared today but not too cold as winter.

The best part of this season is the days are longer. It is a great advantage for trekkers to have extra time to explore the wilderness and enjoy the ethereal beauty of nature.

Where to go in Spring

In the spring season, you can enjoy adventure activities like trekking, short hiking, paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, and wildlife tour. If you're visiting the Kathmandu Valley, the warm and long days make an ideal time to take culture and religious tours.


  • Days are longer
  • Less chance of rainfall
  • Less crowded than an autumn season
  • Weather conditions are stable
  • Temperatures are pleasant
  • Nature is in full bloom with beautiful rhododendron and other wildflowers


  • Trails are full of trekkers.
  • The low cloud obscures the mountain views from the foothills of the Himalayas and the Kathmandu Valley.

Important Tips: Because this is a second peak travelling season in Nepal, you should make advance-booking regarding accommodations and flights.

Summer Season (May-August)

In Nepal, the summer is the monsoon season in Nepal. The weather is hot and wet. The temperature ranges from 23C-35C at daytime and falls below 20C at night.

Generally, due to a lot of rain, many trekkers don’t prefer this season for trekking. Though it rains almost every day with occasional thunderstorms in the evenings, mornings are often clear with spectacular sunrise views. If you're trekking at high altitudes, then the temperatures are more comfortable.

During this season, the beautiful mountain views play hides and seek with clouds. Also, the torrential downpour makes the trail muddy and impassible.

If you would like to avoid the high traffic and the cold of winter when the summer season is the best time to travel to Nepal.

Where to go in Summer Season

Summer is an excellent time to visit a rain-shadowed area of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri region like Upper Mustang, Nar-Phu Valley, Manang, and Upper Dolpo.

Besides, this is also the best time to travel to Nepal for students and families. The weather will be hot and wet, but still, you can have fun adventures. Rafting, rock climbing, canyoning, and short trek like Poon Hill trek are the best options for this season.


  • Trails are not overcrowded. You’ll have the trail all to yourself.


  • Temperature is hot and humid.
  • Visibility is less because of the rain.
  • The trail is muddy, slippery and full of leeches.

Important Tips: Since heavy rainfall is common in this period, there is a danger of landslides and floods in different places. As a result, transport logistics become more difficult. So, if you opt to travel during this season, then flexibility in your itinerary is recommended.

Autumn Season (Sep–Nov)

Autumn in Nepal starts from September to November. It is the best season regarding fine weather. It is neither too hot in Terai nor too cold in the high hill.

During this season, the weather remains dry and clear which makes the best time for trekking in Nepal.

It is also the season of changing the color of leaves that makes spectacular landscapes views while walking through the trails around foothills of Himalayas.

Temperature can range around 20C during the day, and it may fall to 5C at night at the elevation between 1000 m and 3500m. Although the mornings and nights are chilly in the peaks, the weather during the daytime is pleasant.

Likewise, during this period you can explore the major festivals of Nepalese people like Dashain, Tihar, and Chhat.

Where to go in Autumn Season

As I already said before, the autumn season is the best time for high altitude trekking in Nepal. High altitude treks like Three High Passes Trekking in Khumbu region, Annapurna Circuit Trek in the Annapurna region, and Manaslu Circuit Trek in Manaslu region. Besides this, you can also opt for popular base camp treks like Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek.


  • Crystal clear views of great Himalayas ranges.
  • Weather conditions are stable.
  • All dust and pollution are clear.
  • The temperature is pleasant with warm days and cool nights.
  • Rainfall is completely over.


  • It’s obvious with better weather conditions all popular trails are full of trekkers.

Important Tips: Since it is one of the best times to travel to Nepal, the trails, tea houses are full of travelers. So, make sure to make a booking for flights and accommodation in advance. Otherwise, you may have to face huge problems regarding lodging and food. Also, sometimes it may get difficult to find some reliable tea houses.

Winter Season (Dec–Feb)

The winter season in Nepal marks from December to February. The weather is highly pleasant, and the snow-capped mountain views are at their best. This season is good for trekking in lower elevations. The morning and night are cold and the sunny days are warm.

However, you can enjoy cool weather with occasional snowfalls at higher elevations. If you can cope with the cold weather, then you can also opt for the Mountainous region too. During the daytime, the temperatures range from 9C to 12C. In mornings and nights, the temperatures can drop to zero temperatures.

So, if you’re not bothered about having cold weather, it’s a great time to visit!

Generally, it’s a good time to explore the Terai region of Nepal like Chitwan and Bardia are famous for jungle safari. Also, you can get a close insight into the local culture of Tharu and Maithili people. Additionally, you can explore Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Likewise, the daytime temperature is pleasant for taking the cultural sight of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan as well.

Where to go in Winter season

Several short treks in Nepal are the perfect pick for the winter season like Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Everest View Trek, Dhampus Trek, Helambu Trek, Sundarijal Chisapani Hike, and Nagarkot Dhulikhel Hike.

Besides this, in the winter season, Helicopter tours are fabulous which offers you the close-up view of the mighty Himalayas. Thus, you can opt for helicopter tours like Everest Helicopter Tour, Langtang Helicopter Tour, and Annapurna Helicopter Tour.


  • Fewer people on the trail.
  • The mountain views are outstanding.
  • A cheap time to travel in the country.


  • Many high passes are inaccessible due to snow coverage.
  • Colder temperatures required more planning and preparations.

Important Tips: It is advised not to trek above 4,000m. Because the weather is extremely cold, and snow blocks many high passes. Some lodges at high altitude are locked in this season.


Nepal is a paradise for all adventure lovers. You can travel to Nepal throughout the whole year.

In order to experience the natural beauty of the mountain landscape, the best time to travel to Nepal is from September to May. Furthermore, paragliding, hiking, and the cultural and religious tour can be carried out all year round.

I hope this article has been helpful as you plan your adventure in Nepal!

I know it’s hard to decide when to visit a place and of course, sometimes you have no choice about timing. But, I assure your trip will be amazing, no matter what time of year you choose to go.

Happy Travel!

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