Rara Lake Region

Rara Lake Trekking is one of the incredibly fascinating trekking destinations in Nepal. Rara in the far northwestern region of Nepal situated in Mugu district is the smallest national park in the country. The Rara region is made-up of a long ridge covered with juniper trees and surrounded by alpine vegetation with rich flora and fauna. Rara Lake ( also known as Mahendra Tal) which falls within the Rara National Park is the largest lake of Nepal at an altitude of 2,990 meters. The lake is 167m deep at some places, and the surface is around 8 square kilometers and the perimeter 9 kilometers. The length of the lake is 5 kilometers and it is 2 kilometers wide.
Trekking in Rara Lake Region
Duration: 13 Days
Duration: 14 Days

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Rara is the best destination point for trekking in the west. The Rara trekking route wills thus give you a very pure trekking experience on self-sufficiency, secluded trails, and nature at its beat. The trek to Rara Lake is moderate but it will be a lifetime experience. The trail of Ra lake trekking is very much off the beaten path and affords glimpses of culture and scenery very different from those in the rest of the country. The attraction of this trekking is that you will have the chance to explore the beautiful Rara lake and its surrounded alpine meadows and forest and visit nearby Rara National Parks, adjoined with the lake.

The trek to Rara Lake begins with a flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla, from where it is a 2-3 days hike to reach Rara Lake. The trek leads through the remote countryside toward the Tibetan border.  A journey into the Jumla region and the beautiful Rara Lake is probably one of the most fascinating treks in the Himalaya undisturbed by hordes of trekkers as one finds on other trek routes.