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Dookma is one of the innovative Travel startups in Asia started years back with a vision to offer customized travel solutions for all sets of travelers. We have stayed ahead of the curve by continually innovating to meet the ever-changing demands in the global travel market. As a travel company, we strive to bring some of the best vacation experiences for our guests. We have the most magnificent vacation packages for everyone and every budget.

Best Selection

At dookma all our trips are hand picked and can be fully customised to your needs & requirements.

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Accommodation: We aim to provide you with the best accommodation available on your next destinations. By "best" we do not necessarily mean most expensive but notably comfortable and convenient.

Transport: The transport is an important part of your holiday experience, so we do offer a wide variety of transport options depending on the destination.

Customer Service: Our hand picked & tailor-made tours aim to provide a service value that is hard to match. With our years of experience in this industry we have successfully maintained the high customer rating.